User journey

ActionLearns about a concertInforms friendsPurchases the event ticketOrganizes the whole tripMakes the trip to the event
TasksA. Ricardo sees an ad about a concert on social media B. He looks up the concert's date and time C. He checks his availabilityA. Ricardo shares the concert info with a couple of friends B. He receives a couple of excited answers from some of them C. decides to buy the ticketA. Ricardo finds a ticket on the concert's website or through resellers B. Enters personal information and credit card info C. Buys the ticket and receives a confirmation about the purchaseA. Ricardo looks for accommodation B. He looks for possible ways of transportation C. He shares all the options with his friends D. The group makes a decision about a place to stay and the transportation modeA. Ricardo and his friends travel to the concert's place B. They check in the accommodation C. They arrive at the concert's venue D. They're enjoying the concert
FeelingsExcited about a possibility to go to a concert Confused about inability to find more info about the concert Worried that some unexpected event might prevent him from going to the concertExcited to she share the news with his friends Annoyed with having to share info via individual messaging Happy when some of his friends confirm their intention to go Nervous about the credit card scams Worried that external factors might prevent him from attending the concert Enthusiastic about completing the first step in the organizationAnnoyed at how much time and effort went to organize the trip with friends who all have different tastes and preferences Anxious to not overly complicated the organization part Lost in all the different options Relieved when all is arrangedExcited about traveling with friends Dissatisfied about the distance of the accommodation to the concert's venue Happily enjoying the concert Unhappy to see heaps of trash produced by the even
Potential ImprovementsA. Provide thorough details about the venue, including its sustainability and accessibility B. Provide special offers for group tickets C. Provide concert's ranking on safety, comfort, etc. D. Provide additional info for people with disabilitiesA. Provide a direct link from the event's platform to create a Whatsapp (or other social media) group chat to start the planningA. When buying a ticket, allow for a selection of physical disabilities and types of assistance required B. Clearly inform the customer of their options in case the concert gets cancelled C. Connect purchasing the ticket with a secure payment system like Paypal D. Mail a digital ticket together with a check-list of recommended things to do and info about additional servicesA. Provide travel and accommodation advice B. Offer group full packages - including accommodation and travelA. Conduct research during the event about participant's satisfaction with the event and its organization B. Offer sustainable solutions, like reusable cups, etc.