User journey

ActionIncomeExpensesBudget settingInvesting
TasksA. Kelly receives salary at the end of the month B. some of her friends return her the money they owed her A. Kelly is curious about her spending behaviour and wonders if she is spending too much on eating out B. Kelly starts logging in expensesA. Kelly decides to set a monthly budget for home decoration B. Kelly runs over her budget within the first weekA. Kelly considers investing some of her saved money B. She talks with her friends about investing in crypto
FeelingsAnnoyed because she needs to check if the sums paid to her are correct Curious is she should invest in the crypto Frustrated because taking care of the expenses require significant amount of time Surprised to find out she is spending a lot on home decorationHopeful that budget setting would help her reduce the spending Feeling judged by the app when she goes above the budgetIndecisive about how to start investing Suspicious about how crypto works
Potential ImprovementsA. Offer tips on how much one should save from a salary and how to invest the money B. Provide ability to set reminders to check on the accounts receivedA. Create an app that allows the users to log in expenses when convenient for them B. Provide ability to set reminders on when to log in expensesA. Provide tips on how to stay on course for the set budget B. Set a kind warning about budget overspentA. Provide learning courses on interesting topics