Prototype Mobile

Basing on the user testing of the low-fidelity prototype, I changed the initial designs to reflect the following insights:

  1. Users are not feeling confident with linking their bank accounts to Pixu, therefore, the final prototype is based on manual input with semi-automated options, like recurring payments, etc.
  1. Users were confused about the dashboard content display, which led me to simplify it and showcase the most essential items a person would want to track, with the option to customize the content display.
  1. I have abandoned the initial idea of long onboarding, rather the starting point for the app will be the dashboard overview with simple messages indicating what the app can do.
  1. Learning area, while still important is now embedded more into overall app functioning, and focused more on providing educational courses. This has then influenced the redesign of the bottom menu.
  1. I also replaced the hamburger menu with easier in-app navigation.