User persona

Ricardo is a busy young professional who needs an easy way to book the entire experience of going to an event because he feels frustrated about the time spent researching and organizing leisure activities.

Personal information

Age: 33

Occupation: UX manager

Education: MBA



  • Enjoy an event and its atmosphere with friends
  • Meet new people
  • Attend live performances
  • Combine attending a live event with exploring a new place
  • Time and effort put into the coordination of the trip to the event with friends
  • Time spent researching various transportation modes and accommodation options
  • Annoyed about external factors that can cancel the event even though he frees up his busy agenda for the trip

Ricardo's story

Ricard held numerous jobs in business development, and marketing, and is now leading UX design for an e-commerce platform. Ricardo likes to travel for pleasure and is willing to try out new things that go beyond the ordinary. He enjoys staying on top of the tech trends and has many hobbies ranging from salsa to sports to city cleanups. While organized at work, he prefers to make spontaneous decisions and act on unexpected opportunities during his free time.