User testing findings

App nameDavidMartinMyriamName has double meaningTerminology+-
App logoDavidMartinThe fox not visible & colors not optimal. Not sure about the whiteVisual-
ACTDavidMartinWhen multiple ACT presented, prioritize one of themACTButtons-
Color contrastMartinWhite on light brown or orange not visibleVisual-
Colors DavidMartinLike the green but the orange could be changed+-
Finance / LA decision screenDavidNot sure what the learning is about?? about the app itself or learning about finances??Terminology
Finance steps screenDavid1. Coming here from educational part I am not sure where I ended up, no icons helping me to identify the place 2. Getting started could be smaller. 3. clearer distinction between different sections of the app. IconsNavigation-
Add accountDavidMartinConfusing terminology + it is not clear if I can simply do everything manuallyFunctionalityTerminology-
Select account setupDavid1. Make it look like there are three options. 2. little i information button to explain what connecting the back entails. 3. Confused about what the manual input and upload a file means โ†’ about how to connect bank account? 4. The buttons have incoherence in the verbal format (e.g input is a noun where upload is a verb) โ†’ make it more verb likeAction & FeedbackDescriptionFunctionalitySecurityTerminologyVisual-
Skip the onboarding completelyMartinThe app forces you to do the onboarding process without the ability to skip it altogetheruser flow
Coherence among buttonsDanyMartinCertain buttons should be used in the same situations and thus lead the user visually on what to expectVisual
Access to bank accountDavidMartinMyriamI am not sure if I can trust the app to give access to my account. No specifications of what this would entail & how safe it is. Missing details on how it would workDescriptionFunctionalitySecurity
Bank choiceDanyMissing option to select manual input or file upload in case I cannot find my bankFunctionalityNavigation
Foxxy wants to access your accountMartin1. Missing specification what type of access the app wants. Move it to the top Element positioningSecurityTerminology
Country codeMartinShow visually the potential to change the country code for the numbers. See image attachedFunctionality
Revolut authorisation screenDavidMartin1. Incorrect IP - 4 blocks of digits 2. IP should be linked to the IP 3. Missing the Android, Windows specification 4. It should read Foxxy is trying to connect to your account
Overall reluctance to connect bank accountDavidMartinNot feeling ok with connecting the accountFunctionalitySecurity
Sign in successfulMartinIt should read Connection established, etc.Terminology
Set up saving goal ACT & connect another accountDon't make me decide which one to go for. I should set up a saving goal, instead of connecting another account. make the second one less prominent ACT
Achieving your dreamsDavidMartin1. The repetition of the same text on 2 screens. 2. The text aligns differently on two screens 3. Confusing and forceful terminology (saving for other than dreams) & it does not link to the 3-step onboarding process outlined earlier 4. Repetition of the same text - perhaps better to use some icon 5. Make the instructions coherent in the format โ†’ using verbs only, or questions only โ†’ maybe use some info icon DescriptionTerminologyVisual
Saved goalsMartin1. Adjust 'change' to 'edit'. 2. Visualize the status of the goal based on the input โ†’ % achievedTerminologyVisual
BudgetingDavidMartin1. Different terminology (budget and spending plan) . 2. Repetitive message 3. Difficulties understand what budgeting period is 4. In order to achieve your goals, .... โ†’ relate it to the saving goal. 5. Add description about what the budget for the period means. DescriptionFunctionalityTerminologyVisual
Monthly budgetDavidMartin1. Confusion about what the budget setting is about โ†’ related to the savings goal ?? or is this the amount I want to save? 2. Is the budget set automatically because you have now access to my bank account? Perhaps it could be suggested 3. Maybe the flow could be how much money I want to save per month for my saving goalFunctionalityNavigationTerminologyuser flow
Budgeting stepDavidMartin1. Not sure where am I in the process? I thought it would finished by now. 2. perhaps it could read your budget is 1600/monthFunctionalityNavigationuser flow
Allocate budget per category ACTMartinConfusing about allocate budget and ZBC โ†’ where are they coming from??Terminology
ZBC explanationMartinLikes the explanationDescription+
Budget allocationDanyDavidMartinMyriam1. Emergency fund was not something I have chosen for my saving goals. 2. Option to have a description for each category topics like recurring, etc. 3. There should be other options than ZBC 4. How would be the recurring thing work? 5. Can I click on category? 6. Maybe distinguish visually the savings from the expenses? 7. Show the bar of money allocation status as per the budgetDescriptionFunctionalityTerminologyVisualuser flow
Ability to change settings messageMartinThe message could be figuring out earlierr in the process and be sort of present all the timeDescriptionElement positioning
OnboardingMartinIt was a bit long but also informative. The problematic part is step 3 where it's not clear how long the process will beProcessTimeuser flow+-
DashboardDavidMartin1. The dashboard does not seem to be connected to the input provided through the onboarding process. 2. I would like to be able to edit the items 3. For savings I'd like to see exactly the status, e.g. 5k out of 25k; 4. Previously the savings goal term was used, now it's savings 5. I'd like to see the sum of the individual groupings like (income, expenses); 6. Have instead a cash flow 7. I don't see any budget related info & if I'm track with the set budget as per categories 8. The 3 option button is not in the same order as the things in the back & the budget is completely missingDescriptionElement positioningFunctionalityVisual
Visualize chartsMartinMaybe it does not need to be a button but part of the navigation
Dashboard, charts, budgetMartinSuggestion to have three tabs on top to quickly click between them
LA topic selectionDavidVisually distinguish the three segmentsElement positioningVisual
LA professionalsMartinShow faces and possibility to follow FunctionalityVisual
LA display of contentDavidMartin1. The mapping between the topic selection page and the content display page per category is not clear and quite confusing - I don't see them & I feel lost 2. The upper menu could be better distinguished for the three options. 3. Use icons to showcase category adherence for the content 4. Some path delineating my progress since it is a learning academy โ†’ progress bar for a topic. 5. Add videos into the learning academy 6. The terminology is different and people could be unsure where they find themselves 7. There is articles twice instead of books 8. Scrolling right is perhaps not that common and now also nothing indicates that once can scroll rightFunctionalityIconsNavigationTerminologyVisual
QuizDavidMartinMissing feedback whether the answer chosen is a correct oneAction & Feedback
Saving liked contentDavidMissing functionality to save a content for future or perhaps to share it with othersFunctionality
EducationMartinMyriam1. Perhaps could be more interesting to have the education as the default option in the navigation instead of the budgeting first 2. Could be interesting to create challenges -e.g. weekly challenge to keep people motivated to learnApp designNavigation
Bottom menuMartin1. Perhaps the bottom menu could change according to the education or finance place I am in 2. The icons used are not clearly indicating where it will lead me โ†’ change icons and add descriptionButtonsIconsMenu
Education vs FinanceDavidMissing visual cue about being in different sections of the appVisual
Budgeting overallDavidPerhaps I could just simply start adding in expenses to figure out what my budget is instead of setting up a budget FunctionalityNavigationProcessuser flow
Language & currency screenDavidI would not call it recommended language because it sounds arrogantElement positioningNavigationTerminology
App overallMyriamAsk in the beginning what do people want to achieve overall. Include a calculator to show the potential of the compounding